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We like live statistics. Android does not show network connection statistics on screen. You do not know the current internet bandwidth used for upload and download.

This is a mini network monitor for your phone. It monitors the upload and download speed per second. It will always stay in the corner of your phone's screen. You can set the indicator to any corner of the screen, customize the color and transparency of the indicator. In this way, you can enjoy surfing internet, just like what you do in your PC! You can record the live network information for your WiFi / 3G / 4G network speed!

★ Live Network Traffic Meter (Speed / Data Rate)
★ Custom Prefix (U: / D: etc.)
★ Custom Readings Location
★ Custom Color, Width, Height, Font, Font size, Transparency value
★ Show on Status Bar
★ Adjustable Decimal Places (Please turn it off if you have flickering problem)
★ Adjustable Kilo Value
★ Hide /s Suffix (per second)
★ Hide Readings (No Traffic)
★ Hide when Specific Apps are Running
★ Hide when Day Dreaming (screen saver - 4.2+)
★ Beta Test: Traffic Breakdown Mode (traffic by each app)
★ Beta Test: Interface Breakdown Mode (traffic by each network interface)
★ Normalize VPN / local proxy / ad blocking loopback traffic

(Pro version support auto-hides when there is no traffic, hide for specific apps and it is ad-free)

Free trial available at:

★ Permissions ★

* Location: Android 8+: access WIFI SSID will require user to give a location permission. Otherwise it will give a value.
* Disk: Import and export the configuration files (Menu > Export / Import)
* Apps running in Background (App usage access - for android 6+):
a) system overlay compatibility: system didn't allow overlay on top of system overlays (e.g. system permission dialog), there will be "screen overlay detected" warning. If you give this access, monitor automatically turn off itself and prevent such situation.
b)exclusion list function: it also require this permission, so that it know what is running in the background, and then hide the montior automatically for certain apps. The list is defined by users in Auto-hide section.



Download cracked APK of Network Monitor Mini Pro ( )

Version 1.0.233
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Version 1.0.228
wallop Download
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Version 1.0.227
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Version 1.0.223
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Version 1.0.222
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Version 1.0.221
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Version 1.0.213
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Version 1.0.208
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Version 1.0.207
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Version 1.0.205
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Version 1.0.201
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Version 1.0.200
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Version 1.0.199
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Version 1.0.191
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Version 1.0.189
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Version 1.0.145
Heisenberg Download
Version 1.0.78
200er Download


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