Necta Launcher ( Even children and senior can use)

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Necta launcher is lightweight launcher, simple and quick, Even children and senior people can quickly get started.

Customized features are useful, such as SOS with SMS and position information,
any touch to take photos, guide you to your home and so on.

From first version to today, Necta launcher has helped 400,000+ senior people and vision loss people to use Android phone.

Maybe you have some questions:
1, Is there any app for helping my mother/father easy to use Android phone?
2, Is there any launcher/app for helping my grandmother/grandfather never get lost?
3, Which app help me get the position of my grandparents?
4, Which launcher is helpful for senior people?
Now, this launcher is the answer.

Key features:
• Very Big Buttons
• Quick dial contacts(support 6 contacts)
• SOS for calling and sending SMS to primary contacts
• Any touch Camera
• Senior Calendar
• Show Your Position
• Send Position via SMS to primary contacts
• Weather Forecast
• Four Color Themes
• Alarm With notice
• Alarm with SOS
• Local Newspaper with bigger text size
• Flashlight
• Bring me go home, never get lost.

• Weather forecast needs turning on location service which based on Network or GPS.
• Auto sort apps depends on the app started times.



Download cracked APK of Necta Launcher ( Even children and senior can use) ( com.necta.launcher )


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