My Great Restaurant



★ ★ ★ I aim store! Free game simulation discipling cook ★ ★ ★

■ Story
"I dream of becoming a cook to please you!"
Kentaro today's high school graduation ceremony. Only one, his dream is to become a cook that satisfy customers.
Ambition is great. For trained first as a part-time job, hit the door of a Chinese restaurant but ...

■ How to play
Listen to your order that have been coming to the store, I will give to cook.
I do not cook, do not make the order from the first material.
Wrong or how to make the dish, and wait a long time, went home angry customers.
Taking care not to offend you, clear overlay the number within the time limit, so you can aim the high byte generation!
Good luck if we repeated training, one day you will be a dream come true Kentaro come ...?


● OS Recommended
Android 2.1 or higher


Every story that appears in the game to advance the stage [Features] 1!
Each time you advance the stage, you can read the original story in the game!
Stage, the Chinese restaurant in my shop, restaurant, and bar.
Enjoy the story of Kentaro Yuku grow and to experience the farewell meeting at each stage.

GET item earns money Features] [2! → Movers mortal!
Depending on the amount of your order, generation enters Kentaro bytes.
With a margin of bytes we store, you can buy items in the SHOP.
You can invoke the "mortal", the use of this item, preferably much progress the game!
Since the degree of difficulty up to about stage progresses, I will get through using the "Special Moves"!

[Features] three characters full of personality appeared one after another!
Kentaro work in the shop, customers can visit many rich personality. That number about 20 people, a total of!
Also enjoy the character emitted Kaerigiwa, a unique dialogue is one of the charms of this game.



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Version 2.1
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