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Draw your own gesture! Then, your phone will lead you wherever you want.

Your favourite apps, internet pages, calling/texting or your phone settings !!!

- Facebook? Just draw 'f'.
- Calling to someone? just add your gesture to call that person.
- WI-FI On Off? Let’s make ‘W’ for this.

What can I use?
* Internet URL
* Applications
* Contact auto call, auto message
* Home button
* Silent Mode
* Vibration Mode
* WiFi
* Bluetooth
* Auto rotation

This donation version is 100% same with the free version of My Gesture.
Please download if you want to donate to the developer.

How to use:

1. Select a category from
[Internet / Application / Contact / Phone Setting ]
2. Select an item from the list
3. Create a gesture for the item
4. Turn on My Gesture
(The icon will floating on the top layer when it is turned on)
5. Click on the icon
6. Draw a gesture
7. The desired app/internet/calling/texting/settings
will be available immediately!!!

More functions - gesture recognition, shortcut, auto call message, smart linked launcher, one hand on off on-off



Download cracked APK of My Gesture Shortcut Launcher ( song.y.j.mygesture )


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