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Interactive, age-adapted educational app that teaches children the time through play.

“My first Clock” is ideal for children from 5 years upwards who want to learn to tell the time while having fun.

How it works:
Select the mode by pressing the coloured buttons on the upper part of the screen

- Orange: Set time: the current time can be adjusted by turning the hand.
- Blue: Clock parts: learn which parts of the clock are important for reading the time correctly.
- Green: Hours and Minutes: Which hand is faster? Which hand shows the hours and which shows the minutes? How long is a minute and how long is an hour?
- Red: Quarters of an hour: Quarter hours are explained using pieces of cake as an example.
- Yellow: To and Past: What do TO and PAST mean and how do the hands help to understand which is which?

A detailed explanation is available for each mode and can be listened to again at any time.
The game incorporates different mechanisms, to encourage the children to want to discover and try out what is explained.

An encouraging speaker leads the children through the app step by step, simply and clearly explaining what to do. After each action, the child receives immediate feedback about whether the action was right or wrong.

Main features:
- Exciting educational games
- An encouraging native speaker guides the child through the app
- Child-friendly and clear graphics
- Teaches how to tell the time
- Teaches through discovery and by trying
- Introduces the different parts and functions of the clock: hands, numbers and dial
- Teaches how to set the clock, using movable hands
- Different game modes distinguished by colours and graphics
- Includes a help feature for further assistance and explanations

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, please contact us direct: [email protected]

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Download cracked APK of My First Clock ( com.ravensburgerdigital.meineuhr )


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