Music Therapy for Refreshment



Music Therapy for Refreshment - Regain Your Vitality with Alpha Wave Melodies

Music Therapy for Refreshment is another Alpha Wave music application for Android users. Medium Speed Alpha Wave (10Hz) set in 5 melodic music pieces provides a most relaxing way to restore your vigor, to bring about a refreshed mind.

Different from leisure music, subliminal music therapy embeds Alpha Wave to various musical pieces by setting the rhythm to a certain frequency. Listening to such music, our sub-consciousness is awakened. It is guiding us to a brand new discovery of our potentials, to relaxation and to creativity.

To generate Alpha Wave in one's mind, binaural beats are applied. For example, if the left ear is presented with a steady tone of 500Hz and the right ear a steady tone of 510Hz, these two tones combine in the brain. The difference, 10Hz, is perceived by the brain.

- Graceful tunes with string music and natural sounds
- Install Location to SD card
- Well-designed interface and easy operating
- Quick mental refreshing
- For relaxation at any time

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