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* This is the tablet version, see phone version for SMS support!

Multiscreen Multitasking is 10 apps in one. This is the closest you'll get to a Windows 8 style 'desktop mode' on your Android, or to the multitasking features on the S3 or Note 2. This doesn't run any app in a window unfortunately - that's not possible due to the way Android is programmed - but it is the closest alternative. This app includes a unique browser, notepad, drawpad, map and more, and each can be resized and dragged around the screen so you can do more than one thing at once. You can also run a number of web apps including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, GMail etc. or open widgets in windows too. Best of all? All the apps are interconnected - you can open a website, save it as an image, open it in the drawpad, write on it, then send it to a friend!

Feel like you're in Minority Report - tile browsers and read more than one website at once, watch Avengers while reading the news, write an article using Wikipedia as a source, chat on Facebook chat while browsing and listening to music, draw a picture while copying from Google Images, view a place in maps while browsing the web, or open up a text document at the same time as the browser in order to take notes on what you're reading. Create folders to organise your files and edit them on the fly in pop-up windows. Send messages and check your e-mail without needing to stop browsing....

Features Include:

* Desktop wallpaper = phone wallpaper
* Word count
* Spell check
* Video player
* PDF viewer - 2 PDFs at once!
* Browser favourites
* Shortcuts on desktop
* Edit HTML in text editor and view changes in the browser
* View source
* Save websites as images and edit them
* Easily share drawings/text documents/web links and more
* Find on page for browser
* Browse and preview files
* Edit, cut, rename, delete and create new files with the file manager!
* Drawing/doodling pad
* Open widgets in windows
* Maps
* Music player
* Find and Replace
* Up to three browsers and two editors on screen at once
* Resizeable windows
* Edit photos and add filters like blur, posterise etc.
* Double tap to maximize
* Drag to the side to clip to half the screen
* Zoom for both browser and text editor
* Send e-mails from the editor

Many more features are coming soon - please support this app if you want to see camera, games, browser tabs, calculator, spreadsheet, and other functions added more quickly! If you have any requests please get in touch. There are so many cool updates coming, please stick with this app!

If you have any suggestions or problems then please E-MAIL me. I am eager to help and to make this app the best it possibly can be, but I need your help and feedback to do so :-)



Download cracked APK of Multiscreen Multitasking THD ( nqr.multiscreenthd )

Version 9.2
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