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MTK Suite is the perfect tool to take control over your phone with an MT6577/6582/6589/6589T/6592! It allows you to:

- Automatically download the EPO files which are required to get a good GPS fix on phones and tablets with an MTK-chipset. MTK Suite takes care of everything you need to get GPS working. Our code has been proven to have excellent results on a big amount of phones and tablets to give them a better GPS functionality by using our automated procedure of optimizing GPS antennae.

In addition, it also contains an improved guide in case the automatic fix is not working and it implements the download of the EPO files with the download manager on your phone, which means you get a notification whenever the files are downloaded, so you know whether the download has succeeded. Our app is by far the easiest method to fix your GPS using EPO files.

- Easily boot into recovery mode.

- Create a backup of the most important files stored on the NAND of your device .

- Enter Engineer Mode (AND/MTK) with a single button.

If your GPS is not working after you followed all steps in MTK Suite, chances are you have a mobile phone with a faulty GPS chip. Some phones have poor antennae, which means you can't fix the GPS issues with an application. This application has been tested on a variety of phones with various MT chipsets, but we can't test all the phones available on the market. Thank you for your understanding. It is known that our code does its job on virtually every device with an MTK-chipset out there, but some devices are just crippled from the hardware-side (bad joints, bad antennae, etc.). Make sure to use SuperSU instead of Superuser if it seems like our GPS EPO Fix is not working.



Download cracked APK of MTK Suite ( com.gocode.mtksuite )


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