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Mr. Number lets you control who can call or send you an SMS and when.

Take control of your number.

* One history: See all your calls, SMS and MMS messages in one place
* Blocklist: Block calls, SMS, and MMS from one person, an area code, or the world
* Caller ID: Always know who is trying to reach you with crowd-sourced Caller ID
* Availability: Let contacts know when you are free for a call and when you are tied up
* Signature: Create your own Caller ID profile and use it to sign your texts too

NEW! Call and text from Mr. Number
We’ve brought back the full history of your calls and texts, in style. See all your messages in one place or swipe to see calls, SMS, MMS, and blocked messages. Now you can *reply* to texts and calls from Mr. Number and use it as your dialer and messaging app, with integrated caller ID, blocking, and availability. You can use Mr. Number for all your calls and texts or keep using the stock apps on your phone and rely on Mr. Number for blocking and Caller ID. It’s up to you.

FREE! Block Unwanted Calls and Texts
Most powerful call blocker on the market. Block texts and calls from a person, a business, a prefix, or the world. Block calls and texts from any phone number, any area code or prefix, all private and restricted calls, or block everyone except your contacts. Pick up and hang up on some callers and send others to voicemail - you decide. Keep the content of blocked texts or trash them.

FREE! No More Spam Calls or Texts
People who use our apps and visitors to our website send us more than 4,000 reports each day about telemarketers, debt collectors, and other harassing callers. Add ‘Suspected Spam’ to your blocklist and Mr. Number blocks them all.

Caller ID (US only)
When you get a call, SMS, or MMS from a number that is not in your contacts, Mr. Number does a reverse lookup automatically and turns that number into a name. We also look up new outbound numbers so that you can save contacts to your phone with one tap. It’s crowd-sourced Caller ID: let us look up mystery numbers in your contacts for other users and we give you Caller ID for free. Don't want to share data? You can buy Caller ID instead.

FREE! Text Message Signature
Set up your own Caller ID profile and use it as a signature for outbound text and picture messages. Attach a photo and your title so people will always know who is texting them.

FREE! Availability for calls and texts
Let contacts know when you’re free for a call, when your ringer is off, and when you are sending all calls to voicemail. You can even text your availability to people who call when you are busy.

- Complete texting app and dialer with integrated blocking, caller ID**, and availability
- Block calls and SMS messages from one person or the world
- Automatic reverse lookup** for every number that is not in your contacts, outbound and inbound
- Catch telemarketers, debt collectors, and other spammers before they waste your time
- Report spam calls, SMS, and MMS to warn other users
- Create your own Caller ID and text message signature
- Let contacts know when you're free for a call and when you are sending all calls to voicemail

** Caller ID is only available in the US for now



Download cracked APK of Mr. Number ( com.mrnumber.blocker )

Version 1.2.07
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