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Do you want to protect yourself from the night calls and SMS spam? Remember to include a sound on the phone after the theater or a meeting?

With ModeBot you can:
- Protect yourself from unwanted calls at any time;
- Protect yourself from the night SMS spam;
- To make important calls and SMS, even when your phone is in silent mode;
- Do not worry your family if your work day starts very early.

ModeBot able to automatically turn on and off the ring tone of your phone just when you need it. Do not need the sound, but you need a vibrate mode - this is not a problem for ModeBot. It will include a vibrate mode automatically.

Are you afraid to miss an important call? Add a subscriber to the "white list" and you will get through it, even when your phone is in silent mode.

The application is also designed to automatically adjust the call volume. Let your phone be loud during the day, quiet at night and silent at night - all in the hands of you and your ModeBot.

And the council finally: if you turn off the phone and call you afraid to forget to return the sound back - just use the widget ModeBot. One click and the phone will go to the desired mode you want, and then, when will the right time, will go back on their own.

The interface is simple and clear as much as possible.
All that you need to be able to do it in two or three clicks.

Keywords: do not worry, automatically turn off the sound, automatically switch off the phone, put on vibrate, block calls, spam protection, so as not to wake, management profiles, include vibrate mode, turn off at night.

***************************** How it works ****************** *****

If you have had a Nokia phone and you used it to switch profiles on schedule or have heard about the regime, "Do not disturb" on the iPhone, you will see that it is their ModeBot analogue, but with extended functionality.

ModeBot perform daily tasks that you give him, at a specified time in the assignments.

To add a job just click the "+ Add" and enter the time of his execution. By default, a task to transfer the phone in vibrate mode.
To change the mode in the job, just click on the mode.
To change the run time, click on the time bar.

To pause the execution, use the switch in the right part of the job.

If you want to set a certain volume when setting the sound mode, press and hold the icon of the sound mode, and then in the dialog to adjust the volume.

If the job must operate only on certain days of the week, press and hold the line with the times and in the dialog that appears, select the desired days.

Day of the week is marked with a red dot if it is active and the following loss of time specified in the job falls on him. This allows at any given time a cursory glance to understand what jobs are executed in the near future, and which will be ignored.

To delete the job, press and hold the switch activity.

To work whitelist you need to activate it on the settings page (the button with a gear next to add a task.)

To add a contact to the white list you need to mark it as the star of the "chosen" (starred) in your phone contact list. For some HTC models instead of tagging is required to put the contact in the group "Favorites."

ModeBot widget works like this: when you create once you specify the mode that activates the widget, and the time period after which the phone will return to its original state.
For example, a widget with a vibration mode and a period of 2 hours 30 minutes when you turn your phone to vibrate mode, and after 2 hours and 30 minutes it will return to the state it was in at the time of pressing the widget.

You can create any number of widgets at the same time with different settings.

We believe - ModeBot you like it!



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