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A plain text editor dedicated to preserve your notes:

• Minimal propriety format, no lock-in
• Effortless and robust Dropbox sync (vs on-demand sync)
• Efficient offline search across all notes, everything within few taps away
• Filters for personal information management
• Markdown (multi-dialects, math support in Pro version)
• Stock Android user interface: lightweight, fast, accessibility compliant
• Glanceable + information-rich UI
• Engineered to be power efficient
• Tasker Automation (Pro version)
• No ads
• No in-app purchases

Free Version
★ Markdown toolbar
★ Export notes as text files to SD card
★ Lockscreen widget
★ Editor tools:
☆ Date and time stamp
☆ Go to top/bottom within a note
☆ Paste special
☆ In-note local find
☆ Batch replace
☆ Integrated web search
☆ Highlighted search results
☆ Revert unsaved changes
★ Controls over memory/CPU intensive features
★ Accessibility support
★ Samsung Multi-Window support

Pro Version
★ Auto save
★ Undo/Redo
★ Custom filters, location based note filters
★ Metadata (can be used as tags)
★ Widget customization
★ Custom time and location stamps
★ Password
★ Day and Night theme
★ QR/barcode support (camera equipped devices only)
★ Dictionary lookup (requires ColorDict)
★ Import from/export to SD card
★ Multiple Markdown parsers, support mathematics formula rendering with LaTeX like syntax ( Android 4.4 or above)
★ Integrated search and replace tool
★ Export to PDF (Android 4.4 or above)
★ Tasker support
★ Google Now voice memo support
★ Voice search
★ Text to speech (language support based on devices)

Rated 4 out of 5 stars by AndroidTapp, listed as one of the best apps of the month.

More extensive Android Lollipop integration featured in Minutes Pro.

A Dropbox account is required to use this app. Only minimum permissions will be used to access the Dropbox account. Non Dropbox version is available from here.

Please follow on-screen instructions to uninstall the Free version of the app when installing Minutes Pro. Your note data will be re-imported automatically.



Download cracked APK of Minutes Text Notes Pro + Sync ( com.saelimbilly.genericdatabaseapppro )

Version 1.2.755
Heisenberg userscloud.com Download


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