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What is green - is bad!

Burn some plants! Flame some zombies! This cute, bloody dual-stick shooter will let you burn a lot of them! Help our sweet MiniDragon to stay alive and kill everything that's on his way. For this journey we have only one advice for you: WHAT IS GREEN – IS BAD! All of this wrapped in fluid visuals, heavy guitar riffs and travesty fantasy theme explodes as one of the best dual-stick shooter for Android!

Press Reviews:
„ […] it provided a fun overall experience. For $0.99, most players should get exactly their money’s worth out of the game.” - 148Apps
„ This application is the latest and greatest from Madman Theory Games.” -
„ If you’re a fan of arcade-style games and like fast-paced, challenging gameplay, this might be worth a download.” -

Gameplay Video:

What's inside?
* 8 different customizations for main character ( from candy plush to devilsh one )
* 6 arenas "where you must fight to survive" ( „only six??” don't worry – you will get more soon – as free update! )
* 7 types of weapons ( „only seven??” don't worry – you will get more soon – yes, as free update -_-' )
* 3 power ups ( „only three??” YES! ONLY THREE! Look above! )

What you get?
*dual stick controller auto adjustable for your device
*hours of fun on three difficulty levels ( easy, hard and normal )
*different camera behaviours ( from static to TPP like )

Give it a shoot and let us know what you think. We will be thankfull for any feedback! If you find this game funny or good for any reason, make sure to rate five stars and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS! That is always a signal for us to make this game better and better, larger and larger – for your fun! It is also nice to know that we have done someting you appreciate.

Learn more about MiniDragon:
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Technical information:
Best performance on: Samsung Galaxy (and equal) devices



Download cracked APK of MiniDragon ( com.MadmanGames.MiniDragon )

Version 1.0
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