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Looking for an e-mail client that's optimized for tablets?

Melwin Mail is based on the popular K9 mail client, but designed for tablets. Although it was designed to take advantage of the larger tablet format, it compresses for easy use and display on Android handsets as well. Includes several enhancements, such as Quick Text replies, Instant Send, and more, in an user-friendly, attractive interface.

Melwin Mail supports IMAP, POP3, WebDAV (Exchange 2003, also Exchange 2007 if enabled) and can support multiple accounts with a Unified Mailbox and cross-account and folder search.

With Melwin Mail, you'll find that you're ripping through your email faster than you ever have.

Most mailboxes supported by the built-in mail client for Android will work with Melwin Mail. If you're in doubt if yours will or not, please download the free K-9 Mail client and try it out.

Need help using a feature? Email us at [email protected].

Melwin Mail is continuously evolving and improving, send your feedback and we'll incorporate it in as quickly as possible.

Melwin Mail is perfect for people looking for:
Android Tablet Mail Client, Alternative Mail Client, E-mail Quick Replies and Quick Text, and E-mail Clients for Android phones, as well as, Email for Wi-Fi enabled devices.



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Version 1.116
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