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Sketch (finger/stylus) & export vector graphics for Illustrator, Inkscape etc...

mDRAFT is a sketching application (fast drawing) allows export to vector graphics software (such as Adobe® Illustrator® or InkScape) using standard SVG file format.

mDRAFT allow you to use your Android device as a digitizing tablet and easily export your artwork to your computer.

You won't need to redraw anymore (or scan and redraw) this perfect curve you scribbled on a piece of paper: it is now editable and can be use or manipulated directly from your computer.

Finally a simple tool that do what you really want !

Please note that Internet Permission is only for bugreport purpose, no other data (of any kind) will be collected.



Download cracked APK of mDRAFT ( com.mobilisens.mDRAFT )

Version 1.0
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