Matrix 3D Cubes 3 LWP

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New update v1.29! Matrix 3D Cubes 3 Live Wallpaper is renderer with Open GL ES 2.0 and are enhanced with more options, touch enabled, more cubes (125 cubes) and framerate control. Report any problems to me by email thanks! Tested on Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note but work on other devices as well. Perfect for Samsung Galaxy S4!

In settings you can,
New! Color Presets (Email me suggestions for color presets)
Use Framerate Control Enabled (try this if your device has trouble to render at full framerate)
Framerate (1-60 Hz)
Dome brightness
Dome On/Off
Light Shader
Shine amount
Color shifting of cubes color and specular color
Use static cube color that you can choose
Use static specular color that you can choose
Alpha of cube color and specular color
Touch enabled or not.
Touch sensivity



Download cracked APK of Matrix 3D Cubes 3 LWP ( com.jonasl.GLES20MatrixCubes3.livewallpaper )

Version 1.28
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