Mathematical Problems (iMath Problems)

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iMath is the most comprehensive collection of mathematical problems with many hints and all detailed solutions. This educational math app can be used excellently from students for their exam preparation and for self-studies.

This professional version provides more than 300 problems with:
a detailed description of the individual solutions,
including all formulas and equations,
helpful comments on the solutions,
additional hints on many tasks.

In order to view all solutions you need a pdf-Reader! It is highly recommended to choose Adobe as your standard reader.

The app includes problems on the topics of Numbers, Vectors and Matrices, Complex Numbers. Besides Equations, Systems and Inequalities, Systems of Linear Equations also Elementary Functions, and Calculus is investigated. Several worksheets are related on Taylor and Fourier Series, Multivariable Functions, and Laplace and Fourier Transform. Finally, extended problems on Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations are investigated.



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