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Information security becomes extremely necessary in today's society. Thus, professionals or beginners have not always around some important information about a particular command or theory. Thus, the Manual Hacker Gold provides an experience of "all in one" containing information, news, tools and various other functions, addressing the security area.
With this app you take some important information wherever you want, and no problems to forget any tutorial or major command (With Manual Hacker Gold, you will have access to much more information, articles, tutorials and other news). In addition, the application also has several tools commonly used in safety testing (De Similarly, the Gold version offers a greater amount of tools), promoting speed and dynamism in the test.
The Manual Hacker Gold provides tools like:

➢ TCP Port Scanner
➢ Whois
➢ Scanner Admin Pages
➢ Scanner Subdomains
➢ Traceroute
➢ Ping
➢ DNS Reverse Lookup
➢ SQL Injection Testing
➢ View WIFI passwords saved on the device (Requires ROOT)
➢ And much more!

The Manual Hacker Gold also has a News Feed on Security and Technology with more portals available and also a XAT to promote interaction among the users.

On top of this, the Hacker Manual is the world's only application that provides a cloud platform with analysis, alerting, and several other options, with an application extension. Visit to learn more!
Current version for Smartphones & Tablets.

* Do not use your knowledge for evil!
* We are not responsible for the misuse of tools and information passed here.



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Version 1.8
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