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This app uses formulas from quantum magnetism to simulate motions, which occur at the quantum level. This simulation creates fascinating and hypnotic magnet patterns. This live wallpaper is truly one of its kind, there is nothing similar on the market. Enjoy the ultimate magnetic fields simulator now!

17 magnetic wave patterns are included. You can also create your own magnetic patterns by changing the colors, pulsation and how it is painted.

You can focus on each one of the magnetic patterns and use them for meditation or relaxation for as long as you want. This will elevate and raise your consciousness, so you are in harmony with earth and the forces of nature. This is called the magnetic ascension.

"Magnet warper", "Self aware magnet", "Quantum magnet" and "Deep sea worm", and are just some of the wave patterns, which you will experience. 16 mesmerizing color modes are included. Battery saving functionality is also included.

***** Quantum magnetism *****

Quantum magnetism describes the behavior of single atoms as they act like tiny bar magnets. It is different from classical magnetism, the kind you see when you stick a magnet to a fridge, because individual atoms have a quality called spin, which is quantized, or in discrete states (usually called up or down).

What makes magnets magnetic is that the spins of the atoms are pointed the same way. The spins of the electrons in the atoms are however oriented randomly and cancel each other out. Quantum magnetism are different, because a line of atoms spontaneously organize itself, with the spins in a non-random pattern. Seeing the behavior of individual atoms has been hard to do, because it required cooling atoms to extremely cold temperatures and finding a way to “trap” them.



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