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Lost Stars is an intense space combat game with an epic story, many modifiable ships and plenty of weapons. With a unique interface and easy to learn controls, this game provides both strategic depth and fast paced action. Choose a ship, captain it through battle, experience the story and discover the characters!

Fight alongside allies in large space battles, or engage alone in smaller brawls and skirmishes. Find ships that fight and fly the way you want. Equip your vessel for combat with weapons that match your play style. From the small and fast to the slow and dominating, choose from a wide range of unique ships, and equip them with everything from rapid fire cannons and long range lasers to tactical mines and anti-capital ship bombs.


• tactical brawling at its best!
• unique game play, novel controls
• exciting combat
• 30+ missions in a story driven campaign
• 15+ unique playable ships
• customize your ships weapons in the hangar
• over 100 achievements
• wave mode, endless mode, and unlocks add much more play beyond the campaign

Check out our Developer Logs for news, updates, and extra game lore: https://loststarsthegame.wordpress.com/news/

Made by Pill Bug Games, an indie developer based in Victoria BC.



Download cracked APK of Lost Stars ( loststars.apps.p7ghoul.loststars )


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