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Lightning Drawer is a feature rich, memory efficient and fully customizable Application Drawer.

Its main goal is to help you find and launch apps faster, and with style. For that purpose Lightning Drawer offers several views such as most frequently used, recently updated, sorted by name, as well as a direct search function to look for an app by its name.

But what makes Lightning Drawer unique is this powerful view where items can be freely moved, hidden and organized in folders. In this custom mode the drawer is like a large canvas where items can be placed in all directions: left, right pages, but also top and bottom. Each app can be customized individually: use a custom font, select an icon from an ADW pack, change its size, etc.). This leave you total control and freedom on how you want your apps to appear in your drawer.

Folders can themselves contain other folders, and of course each folder can be customized individually. This is a great tool when it comes to classify a lot of apps with several levels, for instance "games/arcade", or "tools/productivity". Folders can be hidden too, helping in cleaning your drawer from all these built-in or system apps you will never use and that encumber your device.

Should you need to reclaim memory, Lightning Drawer has a built-in app killer: just long tap on an app, select "kill", et voilĂ !

Lightning Drawer is the app drawer of choice for people wanting a fast and easy to use drawer, yet packed with useful features and an impressive set of customization options.

-- Your Lightning App Drawer will look like no other --



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