LetMeLive ZOMBIES experimental

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you can go openworld and survive the world all alone , meet random players OR you can invite your friends to help you survive.

The development of the game has been paused.. so do not expect new features. If you wish to make a refund, please email us.

Your main goal is to find the helicopter to escape. Once you do , you save all the items looted for further games.

kill zombies, hide in bases, pick up useful items, save money and buy weaponry in shops , theres alot you can do.

. OpenWorld Singleplayer - explore the world on your own
. OpenWorld Multiplayer- create or join a game with your friends

kill zombies, get stronger and show the world your power.



Download cracked APK of LetMeLive ZOMBIES experimental ( com.spamfun.LetMeLive )


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