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Create wonderful art, cartoons, comics, kaleidoscopic drawings and photography collage with this creative draw & paint app.

With this graphics package one can:

- create works of art that combine free drawing and photos
- easily make Facebook poster with text and images
- produce electronic cards
- make slides for PowerPoint presentation
- create abstract kaleidoscope images
- draw funny caricature, cartoons or comics with speech balloons
- create interesting photo collages in no time
- illustrate your website, book or brochure
- create flowcharts
- draw text around curve or shape
- zoom allows drawing tiny details even on a small phone
- insert drawings on top of each other or at any specific point
- try quickly new graphic design ideas, and later develop them on the desktop computer
- build a library of ones own art and clips and use them for new concepts
- easily email or upload the artwork, or copy it to the computer
- enjoy and have fun by playing in the kaleidoscope mode, either with photos or drawing with symmetries and mirror on
- totally transcend the time and boredom on any journey and effortlessly produce something new and creative

There are four components in this package:

- powerful drawing tools, with layers, insert text or photo, gradient colors, shaping tools and full save & import of drawn scenes or clips

- photo image select and crop tool with feather and export outline

- kaleidoscope which transforms any image into a beautiful animated patterns

-live animated wallpaper with the kaleidoscopic effect above

All components communicate seamlessly with each other making it easy to create art.

This app can create vector drawing type of graphics exportable to JPGs or transparent PNGs.

Your creations derived from the images supplied with Kaleido-Magic Art & Design are Royalty-free, you can use them freely for professional purposes, no attribution required.


A perfect graphic app for any Android tablet or phone especially those which feature a stylus, but all tablets as well as latest phones support the computer mouse for a more precise drawings.
Optimized for Samsung Galaxy Note



Download cracked APK of KaleidoMagic Draw Art & Design ( com.lumisvision.games.kaleidomagic )


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