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JavaIDEdroidPRO is an integrated development environment which runs on Android and allows to create native Android applications without the need to use the Android SDK on Windows or Linux.

You need a storage card (/sdcard/) to use this app!

Following development tools are integrated in JavaIDEdroid:
* aapt tool
* Eclipse compiler for Java
* dx tool
* DexMerger tool
* ApkBuilder (only unsigned APKs)
* zipsigner-lib (this library also does the zipalign)
* BeanShell Interpreter

Aapt is integrated as native shared library (arm). It uses external libraries which require Android 2.3 or later and therefore, the aapt shared library has been built for Android 2.3. Despite this fact, it also seems to work an older Android versions (it ran ok on my Android 2.2.1).

The PRO version supports all features of the free version plus following additional features:
* Project definition files: Allows to define project specific information for every project.
* Default scripts: Due to the project definition files, it is now possible to use default BeanShell scripts for compiling and building. So, you no longer have to create custom scripts for all your projects (you still can if you want). The default scripts come with the PRO version and can be started from the project menu.
* Project template: When creating a new project definition files, you can tell the app to create a skeleton project for you.
* Recent project list: Allows to quickly re-open recent projects
* Project filemanager: Allows you to browse all your project files and open, edit, delete and run (only .bsh files) them. There is a 'Directory list' button that lets you quickly change to another subdirectory of the project.
* DexMerger Tool: Allows to merge 2 .dex files. So, .jar libraries do not need to be re-dexed everytime.

For more details see the online version of the built-in help file:

Check the project web site for more information and support:
In the Wiki you'll find a HowToGetStartedPRO tutorial:

Please check the support forum before rating this app badly. We will give our best to help you there.




Download cracked APK of JavaIDEdroidPRO ( com.t_arn.JavaIDEdroidPRO )


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