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Do you dream in watercolor?

Jacob does and he needs your help to shape his dreamworld and make his path safe as he climbs up into the night sky. Jacob's Ladder features innovative platforming gameplay designed specifically for touchscreen devices where you control pieces of the world instead of controlling Jacob. Slide ladders and platforms into place, tap springs to jump, avoid nightmares, and manipulate all kinds of other gizmos including portals, switch blocks, angel wings, and much more!

Jacob' Ladder has tons of content with 376 “room templates” over 15 unique areas- each with its own new gadget(s). This is not a game you will finish quickly, and with all the unique platforming and puzzling you'll encounter, you'll be glad you don't. Discover portal mazes, regular mazes, pinball levels, space levels, timing challenges, jumping challenges, rooms where you slide ladders around, rooms where you slide Jacob around, and rooms where you slide the entire room around!

A hybrid hand-made and procedural level generation algorithm adds even more replayabilty by ensuring each game is new and fresh. And even if you finish the "main game," there are still secret unlockable challenge levels for the truly dedicated player!

One thing Jacob's Ladder does *not* feature is in-app purchases. Buy the game and it's yours. All of it. No tricks. No games. (Other than Jacob's Ladder, of course!)

I've worked very hard on Jacob's Ladder and I'm honestly very proud of the results. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

-Curtis Himel

P.S. Be sure to check out the gameplay trailer at http://www.JacobsLadderGame.com



Download cracked APK of Jacob's Ladder ( com.lightspiralstudios.games.jacobsladder1 )


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