iTubes: Puzzle and Logic game

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iTubes: Puzzle and Logic game is a great way to train your brain.
The green contacts mean that the coins are connected to each other. Your goal is to connect as many coins as you can. You can rotate the coins around their center. The more coins you connect, the more points you get. For ever bigger points you can use different bonuses

- Three different play modes: Classical, Time Attack and Survival
- Nine type of bonuses. Try to get a LUCKY, the most powerful bonus in the game

> "Overall, iTubes, once I was able to figure out how to play was hard to put down and was one of the most cerebrally stimulating games I have played in a long time. This is a must have for those that enjoy a challenging puzzle game!" -

> "This is no ordinary puzzle game for sure...
Xsun have projected it as a logic game, and quite aptly, for it takes more than the average thinking required in a puzzle game...
In conclusion, iTubes may not be the best puzzle game there is, but it is certainly one of the few ones that require a little of grey matter to play it. It is a game that we can play in a relaxed manner and yet be challenged. iTubes certainly makes a good buy." -

> "This is a fun little game for fans of puzzle games, especially if those looking for a change from the usual gem-matching or tetris-type games." -

> "the core game of iTubes is absolutely ace". -



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