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NOTE: For devices that have an IPv6 address, this may display the IPv6 address instead of IPv4. It's more of a bug than a feature. See the note below.

Widget to display your current IP address on your home screen.

If you don't know how to use a widget, this might not be the right app for you. Add the widget to your launcher's desktop. There is no icon in the app list to open anything.

Problems? Questions? Feature requests? Email [email protected] for support.

** NOTICE **
This widget works for most users, but there are some situations (particularly in ICS) that it does not display the preferred IP address information. For example, under many devices under ICS it will show the IPv6 address instead of the IPv4 address. We are aware of this issue and will eventually resolve it. Sorry for the delay, but we will not be making a release in the immediate future.



Download cracked APK of IP Address Widget ( com.megagram.widget.myip )


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