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The ICS GOwidget Theme is here! Get the looks and feel of Android 4.0!

The ICS theme for GOWidget! Get the looks and feel of Android 4.0: Ice Cream Sandwich!

This theme supports the Message (3D!), Email, Calendar, Search, Contact, Bookmark, Switch, Facebook, Note, Twitter and TaskManager widget.

★Perfect feel:
Use this theme in combination with ICS GO Launcher EX Theme made by me (Kani) to have the perfect Android 4.0 feel!

At some point, the GO Dev Team changed the GO Search Widget drastically, so that the themes in the Market were not compatible with it anymore. Fortunately, the GO Dev team fixed this in the newest update. Please update your GO Search Widget in order to change the theme into ICS style. If you have questions regarding this, please contact me. Thank you.

★How to use:
Please do not open this app after installation. You need to apply it in GO Launcher. Follow the instructions below.

1) Make sure you have installed GO Launcher EX (free app)
2) Make sure you have installed GOWidgets
(Note: this theme does not support GO Store and Clock yet)
3) Press and hold at the empty homescreen
4) A menu with the title “Add to screen” should pop-up
5) Select GOWidget
6) You’ll see a list of the GOWidgets that you have installed
7) Select the GOWidget you would like to use, for example choose Message
8) You’ll see a preview of the widget now and two buttons at the bottom
9) Press the left button which says “Default”
10) A list will pop-up with all the themes that you have installed
11) Choose ICS
12) You’ll see a preview of ICS Message now
13) Press the “Add to screen” button
14) You will be directed to a black screen with several options
15) After you are done with those setttings, just press OK
16) The GOWidget in ICS theme is added to your homescreen now

If you need help with this theme, please e-mail to [email protected].

★Rate this app:
Your feedback is important to me in order to improve this theme. Please do not rate this theme 1 star because you can't "open" the theme or can't find the theme. Please e-mail me and give me a chance to help you solve the problem.

Please feel free to e-mail me for suggestions and questions. Let's make this theme as close to ICS as possible!

★More info:
Please visit www.mifavo.com to read more about future updates and new themes.

★New theme by Kani:
-Armor GO Launcher EX Theme, a handsome theme! Go check it out!

★Changes in recent versions:
[Version 1.1]
-(New) Switch widget haptic feedback, flashlight, screen timeout never added!
-(New) TaskManager alternate 4x1 style added!
-(New) Mail bulk options buttons added!

[Version 1.0.9]
-(New) Added the theme for 3D Message!
-(Fix) Switch widget battery, SD mass and SD unmount indicator added!
-(Fix) Current day indicator for mdpi and ldpi devices is visible now
-(Edit) The search widget is now one step closer to the original ICS one, the magnifier icon has been removed

[Version 1.0.8]
-(New) Added the theme for Note!

The full change log can be found at www.mifavo.com



Download cracked APK of ICS GOWidget Theme ( com.gau.go.launcherex.theme.gowidget.template )

Version 1.0.8
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