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Icondy will merge the many icon packs into one icon pack.

In simple words, using Icondy user can create their own icon packs and apply the same via the supported third party launcher.

For example if user have icon pack 1 and icon pack 2 , but using any launcher user can apply only one icon pack.

But using this app user can choose some icons from icon pack 1 and icon pack 2 and create the new icon pack.

NOTE: There are so many similar icon packs available in the play store, but mostly none of the icon packs theme all the application, one icon pack theme a,b, c application and other icon pack theme d,e,f application. what if user has installed a,b,c,d,e,f application but want to theme all the icons means he can use any one of the icon pack , here comes this app handy and useful.

★Third party launchers
★Iconpacks - User must have installed minimum two iconpacks.

Supported Launchers
★ Lucid
★ Nova
★ Apex
★ Action
★ Go
★ Solo
★ Next
★ KK
★ Nine
★ Unicon
★ Almost all launchers which has iconpack support.

How to use
★Create the iconpacks using this app.
★User Must have installed one of the supported launcher listed above.
★Go to the supported launcher then apply the Icondy Iconpack.

Icondy Filters
Television, Crystallizer, Kaleidoscope, Marble, Randomnoise, Solarize, Swirl, Haze, Vignette, Monochrome, Saturation, Brightness, Mixer, Glasssphere, Bulgedistortion, Crosshatch, Hue, Pixelation, Blur, Gamma, Emboss, Grayscale, Sepia, Invert, etc...

Icondy Pro

Unlocks the fallowing premium features in the free Icondy App.

★Create unlimited icon-packs.
★Choose more than two icon-packs for blending.
★Modify unlimited default icons.
★All the premium filters will be available.
★Create unlimited APK file
★Advanced iconpack will be available.
★Select icon from any iconpack
★Select icon from gallery/internal storage.

If you can help me to translate this application to your native language, please contact me in this email: [email protected]

If you have any problem or suggestion, please feel free to contact me: [email protected]



Download cracked APK of Icondy-Customize your Iconpack ( ind.fem.black.rayyan.blendicons )

Version 1.5.1
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