How to Tie a Tie

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The application useful to every man - and the one who ties the tie 1-2 times a year for the holidays, and one who wears it every day, and women who care about the elegance of their men.

Easy step by step instructions will teach anyone to tie a tie. Photos and descriptions will help you choose the right knot and understand how to tie a tie.
For beginners, we recommend starting with simple nodes such as "Simple", "Kelvin" or "Windsor". Those who wears a tie every day, but are tired from one knot, we advise
"Pratt", "Hanover", "Plattsburgh" or "Grandchester".

Also "How to tie a tie" will help you pick up a knot of tie under your shirt collar and tell you which collars are preferred for your type of face. Consider the main types of collars from "Classic" to exotic "Club" and "Pin". Also, consider collars that are never worn with a tie - Butterfly and Mandarin (Mao).

The basic rules of choosing a tie for a man's suit will help you not make a mistake and buy a tie or choose from the available ones.

Application features:
* Basic rules for choosing and wearing a tie and collars in pictures.
* 9 types of shirt collars with pictures and descriptions.
* Ability to see the recommended knot ties for each type of collar.
* 16 different nodes for all occasions, step by step instructions.
* Photos of the nodes will help you choose what you want.
* Convenient function of automatic turning of stages (no need to be distracted by flipping during the tying of the node).
* Thanks to the symmetry and complexity icons and the size in the main list, it's easy to select the desired node.
* Own list of favourite tie knots.



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