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AdBlabs Presents HiTech Red Theme for GO launcherEx

AdBlabs Presents HiTech Red Theme for GO launcher EX

***This theme only works with GO Launcher EX***

How To Use:
1. Download and install this theme.
2. Download Go Launcher EX from the market (search Go Launcher or Go Launcher EX)
3. After downloading Go Launcher EX press the "home" button on your phone and select "Go Launcher"
4. Press menu on your phone then select "Preferences"
5. Select "Themes Preferences"
6. Select "Hitech Red"
7. Thats it Enjoy!

If you find any problems or bugs or have suggestions please email us.

Future Plans:
*Add more icons
*And more

tags: Go Launcher EX Theme, Go Launcher Dev Team, adblabs, dark , black, red, simple, android theme, iphone



Download cracked APK of HiTech Red Go Launcher EX ( com.gau.go.launcherex.theme.hitech )


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