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New features of Happy Diary (v2.04.06):

1. Fix some bugs
2. Support video from camera
3. Support reloading old diaries

Writing is not about the pen or the notebook, just like diary isn't just about words. Writers rejoice! We are introducing Happy Diary, a multimedia diary app.

Happy Diary supports multiple resources, including pictures, audio and video, and adds them to the diary with a click or a drag. Creating a layout is easy with custom placement of the multimedia resources. The portable function makes it perfect for outdoors, for when pictures complement words, or vice versa.

There are several intuitive ways to view your diary entries, by calendar, list or chapter. Gently swipe across the screen to browse each entry or double-click on a picture to view all the pictures in an organized way.

Product Features:
1. Snap! Captions! And much more. This multimedia diary captures every drop of your creative juices on the go.

2. Say goodbye to boring words! Make pictures, videos or voices part of your diary with a simple click or a drag.

3. It's your diary and your layout. Multimedia resources allow freedom of layout.

4. Seamless browsing of pictures and the ability to step into their related diary entries.

5. Featuring calendar view, list view or chapter view when organizing your diaries, in all exquisite ways.

6. Password protection is supported to keep your secrets safe.

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Version 2.04.06
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