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5 different game modes, one basic game mechanic:
Swipe in a direction and all block will fall in this direction till they hit an obstacle.

Overview of the game modes:

Henrys Mint Tea:
Move Henry right on his mint tea, use Jelly Blocks, Anti-Gravity blocks and Buddy blocks to accomplish your mission. But keep an eye on the radio active blocks!

Dr. Zoidblocks Zombie apocalypse:
There are some infected blocks on the game field! Move the Doctor near the zombie to heal them, but attention, some of them can reinfect!

Blockman begins... to save the environment:
Get Blockman near the old paper then pick it up and throw it into the recycling bin.

Blox-5's Space Jumps:
Blox-5 can be controlled individually. When they reach their goal they turn into an static block, which helps the remaining blocks. There are some wormholes you can use to change the direction.

10100010's Binary Fusion:
Two Block, one red, one blue. Combined the create light.

You see Gravity Blocks offers you a lot of content and hours of fun.

- Stunning graphics and effects
- Great game mechanics
- Variety of gameplay guaranteed by 6 different modes
- Over 180 Level
- A huge number of blocks types
- funny characters with personality
- And much more!

Play Gravity Blocks and unblock your mind!



Download cracked APK of Gravity Blocks X ( com.sirnic.gravityblocks )

Version 1.2
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