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Live wallpaper with a soothing feel by using complementary colors.

-Paid Version

A soothing live wallpaper of shapes using alternating complementary colors such as blue to orange that is pleasing to the eye. Being that this is the paid version you get additional special features along with basic features.

Special Paid Features (see screenshots):
- Activate neon effect adding a brilliance of color
- Activate Rainbow effect getting the full spectrum of color
- Ability to change to other complementary colors (ex. red/grean)
- Set the start and end size of each shapes

Includes Basic Features:
- Support switching from landscape and portrait mode (if phone supports that feature)
- Control over each shape properties
- Specify which shape to render (mix and match shapes)
- Change how many of a unique shape is displayed on the screen
- Change how fast each shape moves across the screen
- Should not eat battery (pauses whenever you turn off display or open new window)

Thanks you to all that bought this app. Please leave any feedback and rate this app. (this will help me improve the app) =)



Download cracked APK of Geo-Phaze Live Wallpaper Full ( com.wallpaper.blueorangemorphfull )

Version 1.2.1
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