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Full screen for tablets!
Automatically hide the systembar depending on currently active app. Use your tablet in fullscreen-mode without losing systembars main functions: navigation options and notifications .

~ please note: This app requires root!
~ read below for issues and limitations !

This app is an easy, automated, light-weight replacement/companion for the default systembar on tablets.
It can disable the bottom systembar on most tablets running Android 3 or Android 4.
Now you can use the full screen for your own apps without wasting space for the bottom bar.

» Play games,
» Watch videos,
» Surf the web,
» Read your mails...
››› everything fullscreen and without losing the main functions of the systembar:
Go back, Go to Homescreen, switch between recently used apps, access notification...

The provided replacement buttons can be configured in function, visibility, position and size. Following actions can be assigned to any button:
• Go back: Navigate back within apps.
• Go to homescreen: Shortcut to directly go to homescreen.
• Show recent apps: Quickly switch between recently used apps.
• Show notifications: Display a panel with notifications.
• Restore systembar: An action to quickly restore systembar.
• Open apps menu: Easy access even to menu of older apps.
• Pie-Menu: Opens a configurable pie-menu.

This plus-Version provides an automatic mode:

Just define the apps you want to use in fullscreen mode and full!screen+ takes care of the rest. It will automatically disable the bottom bar for those apps.
- Start your browser -> *poof* bottom bar is gone.
- Switch back to Home -> the bar reappears.
- Play Video -> always in fullscreen.
You don't have to care!

!! Please get the free version first to make sure your system is supported !!

issues and limitations:
- in case you experience problems after reboot like notifications not working or not able to autostart:
Please upgrade/change your SuperUser-Manager and use it to upgrade/install latest su-binary! (I suggest to use "SuperSU", as it is the most evolved of it's kind)

- There are limitations with phone devices. You might lose ability to accept incoming calls or receive SMS in fullscreen mode. Please make sure to test this before using full!screen.

- On devices with split systembar (notifications on top and navigation on bottom) it is not possible to just hide navigationbar. This unfortunately is a system-limitation and no workaround possible.

- Also the well known "swipe-to-kill" option currently is not possible. (The information used for the recent-apps-list is handled by Android itself and it is not possible to remove items from that list.)

tags: fullscreen - full screen - hide bottom bar - hide system bar



Download cracked APK of full!screen+ ( de.tsorn.FullScreenPlus )

Version 1.7
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