Four Fish

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Strategically place shapes on the board for a high score before it's Game Over!

Strategically place shapes on the game board and see how high your score can get before it's Game Over! Either play in the relaxing zen mode, or see how quick your wit is with timed mode.

Place shapes on the 9 by 9 board by dragging the shape from the current shape box. Before you drag, you are able to rotate the shape by tapping it. As you completely fill a 3 by 3 section with any type of shape, that section is cleared for more space. It is game over when you run out of possible moves.

TIMED MODE: Race against the clock and place down a set amount of pieces before the time runs out. At the end of each round, the board is reset, a minute is added to the clock, and you get a new, increased set of pieces. Each round is progressively more difficult.



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