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The best liquid water ripple, fluid live wallpaper on Google Play. Our rating speak for themselves.

You must watch the video or download the free version to see how incredible Fluid is. We guarantee your phone or tablet has never looked this good before.

Over ten million images and wallpapers can be customized with Fluid. Holiday scenes, sport team logos, scenic wallpapers or any wallpaper your imagination can come up with can be used!

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Look at our ratings! People have given 5 stars and have spoken. See what they are talking about. Tested and works amazing on all low and high end devices including:

Samsung Galaxy S3 and S2
Galaxy Note
Droid Razr
Droid DNA
Motorola Photon
LG Optimus
Samsung Blaze
Atrix HD 4G
Droid Incredible
Droid Rezound
Motorolla Electrify
Samsung Mesmerize
Samsung Exhibit
T-Mobile Prism
T-Moblile My Touch
Samsung Gravity
HTC Wildfire
Samsung Stratosphere
LG Spectrum
HTC Rhyme
LG Lucid
Samsung Stellar
ZTE Fury
LG Marquee
LG Viper
Samsung Galaxy Victory
LG Mach

Free version has limited settings.

Immerse your device in an incredible fluid like experience. Designed with the latest Open GL technology Fluid can make any image come alive with smooth waves, ripples, incredible fluid physics, liquid displays, and visually appealing flowing designs. Create a dazzling scenic water ripple display or a symphony swirl of colors. Fluid is pack with a variety of twenty seven backgrounds with many adjustments that can create amazing special effects. Get more free backdrops from us or download your favorite sports team logo, car, album cover, textures, movie posters, scenic images, or use your own photos. Fluid can be customized to holidays, seasons, or your mood and modified to work on all lower and higher end devices. It's the live wallpaper that keeps on giving.

This free version is limited. Get the full version to unlock all settings.

Network access is required for license check

Very customizable

Smooth animation

Open GL technology

Home screen scrolling supported

HDMI supported (HD Televisions)

Landscape mode supported

Many preference options

Low file size

**Please note that on some devices you may have to set the Color mode to "True color" before Fluid will work properly.

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We have the best live wallpapers and the best free live wallpapers on Google Play

If you're into water ripples, rain drops, waves, aqua, and fluid motion you will love this live wallpaper.



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Version 3.0
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Version 1.1
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