Flipster Pro for Facebook

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Flipster is a Facebook client, offering full access to the most important features of the offical Facebook app, just faster and easier to use.
It's free, simple & fun!


» Intuitive touch navigation
» Post on your friends walls and update your own status
» Post images, checkin and links on your wall
» Share your friends posts and images
» Comment and like postings of your friends
» Browse your newsstream
» Check out your friends profiles/galleries/wall
» Beautiful high res image gallery
» Facebook notifications that are everywhere accessible via dropdown menu
» Send and receive private messages from within the app
» Supports Facebook groups
» Includes a birthday calendar
» Check upcoming/past events in Flipsters event calendar
» RSVP to events
» See RSVPs of other users to events


» Facebook Chat
» Ad free

Facebook Permissions:
Flipster asks you to give multiple Facebook permissions in order to function correctly. Those permissions are only used to show friends profiles, images, newsstream to you.
No information will be stored or transferred anywhere but on your own device. We strongly believe that users should have full control over their data and Flipster follows this principle.

If you encounter any problems with Flipster, or have any feature suggestions/wishes, please contact me via email at [email protected]

If you are missing translations in your language, you can help by suggesting a translation via Crowdin
Link: http://crowdin.net/project/flipster-for-facebook/



Download cracked APK of Flipster Pro for Facebook ( com.flipster.pro )


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