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Find your phone when it is misplaced and muted! Upgrade the app to get GPS Tracking. This is probably one of the easiest to use "Find your phone" apps on the market.

"Find your phone" listens on incoming SMS messages. If the message is a special word of your choosing it will do the following:

- Disable silent mode
- Adjust the volume to max.
- Play an alarm sound of your choice.
- Chose from different sounds (Star Wars R2D2 Included!)
- Find phone by making it ring/vibrate!

Now also with Location tracking. This feature can be purchased from within the app. Unlike many other apps of this kind, no smart phone is needed to see the location of your lost phone.

GPS Tracking for your phone works like this

2) You use somebody elses phone to send a text message with a pre-defined keyword to your own phone

3) Your phone will reply to the message with a link to a webpage, containing a map with your phone's location.

4) The text message also contains the estimated accuracy for the location.

5) Because the location is sent as reference to a webpage with a map, no Android phone is needed to see the map. Any browser on any phone will do.

6) The location is based on the phone's last known location from the Network operator provider. The location fix is very fast.

** If the app does not work on your phone, please email me at [email protected] so I can try to fix it. **

** If you upgrade to GPS tracking and you can't get it to work, I will gladly refund the purchase. **


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