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(This pro version added Polarity inversion, Response time, Noise, Photo(copyrighted), ColorSpace Caculator, Screen filter, compare to lite version.)

This is a professional display tester/screen tester for Android devices. It has:

1. Multi touch: Test max touch points supported by device;
2. Solid color: red, green, blue, magenta, cyan, white, black, and it supports scrolling to adjust color values;
3. Gray level: 8 levels, 16 levels, 32 levels, 64 levels, 256 levels, red, green, blue gradient (16 levels, 32 levels, 256 levels), and it supports pattern scrolling and scaling;
4. Contrast ratio: white cube, black cube, white/black(Left/Right, Top/Bottom), white/black bar (legacy), horizontal scrolling to adjust backlight for dynamic contrast ratio test;
5. Colorbar: VGA full range colorbar, ITU.R BT.601 colorbar (100%, 75%), ITU.R BT.709 color bar (100%, 75%), SMPTE colorbar, SMPTE HD colorbar;
6. Geometry: grid+cycles (white, red, green, blue), rect board, rect+cross, cross, cycle, Rect+cycle, rect+X, grid;
7. Dot/Line: dot interlace, dot by space, line by space, color line by space;
8. ChessBoard: chess board test pattern (including 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64, 128x128, custom size chess board);
9. View angle: Test horizontal/vertical viewing angle of display;
10. Gamma: Camma test pattern can be used to evaluate gamma value of display, including white, red, green, blue gamma test;
11. Polarity inversion, including point inversion, two-point inversion (horizontal / vertical, odd / even), pixel inversion, dual pixel inversion (horizontal / vertical, odd / even), line inversion, two-inversion (horizontal / vertical, odd / even);
12. Response time, including the moving grating (60Hz/30Hz, a total of 14 different light and dark level test pattern);
13. Noise: Try to fix burn-in problem, with color noise, gray noise, white noise, red noise, green noise, blue noise;
14. Photos: Test display with selected pictures, to see real performance of device (All photos are copyrighted);
15. ColorSpace Calc: To convert color value to different color space, it support: RGB<->HSL,RGB<->HSV,RGB<->HSI,RGB<->CMY,RGB<->CMYK,RGB<->YUV,RGB<->YIQ,RGB<->YCbCr(SD/HD,PC/Video),RGB<->XYZ,RGB<->Yxy,XYZ<->CIE-L*ab,XYZ<->CIE-L*uv,XYZ<->Hunter-L*ab,CIE-L*ab<->CIE-L*CH,CIE-L*uv<->CIE-L*CH. And RGB<->XYZ support several RGB spec (sRGB(D65), Adobe RGB(D65), SMPTE-C RGB(D65), and etc.);
16. Screen filter: screen filter can be any color and any blend level on the screen, which is better than system brightness (backlight);



Download cracked APK of DS Display Expert (Pro) ( com.droidsail.benchmarkpro )

Version 4.5
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