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Drop UI is a translucent theme based on "ELEMENT - Layers Theme" that adds wonderful details and overall interface to your device.

This theme is for both Lollipop ROMs with Layers support and Android "M" (all devices). Not for CM12!

- support to Layers framework-plugin
- custom statusbar icons "MilkShake" (vectorized so there are no resolution bugs)
- Perfect wallpaper bundled with the theme
- Calculator
- Cell Broadcast
- Contacts (not transparent)
- Dialer (partially transparent)
- Framework-res
- Google Calculator
- Google Contacts (same as Contacts)
- Google Dialer (same as Dialer)
- Google Keyboard
- Google Keep
- Google Play Music
- Google Play Store
- Layers Manager 4.x
- Phone
- Settings
- Simple Reboot
- SystemUI
- Spotify
- Telecom
- Velvet
- WhatsApp

Note: you'll find the wallpaper inside the .zip file in /sdcard/Overlays or at this link:http://i.imgur.com/bVygtRD.png

Thanks to:
- Branden M
- Direktive 4
- Bitsykos
- The community

App and theme developed by Stefano Trevisani (SPAstef).



Download cracked APK of Drop UI - Layers Theme ( bitsykolayers.DROP )


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