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Search words with the leading online English dictionary and thesaurus! Learn vocabulary and find any definition: the Dictionary.com word search covers 2,000,000+ English words and synonyms. Study grammar and learn how to pronounce English words. Advance your learning and education anytime, anywhere.

Your English dictionary and thesaurus is the perfect ACT or SAT prep guide! Learn words and synonyms from your ACT or SAT vocabulary list, study grammar and perfect your spelling. Pronounce English vocabulary, discover the Word of the Day and explore the etymology of English words to supplement your learning.

English Dictionary & Word Search: TOP 3 FEATURES

1. Search words without spelling them by using your voice! Learn vocabulary and the definition with audio word search.

2. Find synonyms and antonyms. Learn words and further your education with your pocket thesaurus.

3. Find out how to pronounce English vocabulary and increase your speaking confidence.

Learn words, study grammar and expand your English vocabulary with additional education and learning features, from etymology to Word of the Day. Complement your ACT or SAT prep, brush up on your SAT vocabulary or simply learn for the fun of it.

• Etymology: Look up the origin and definition of even the strangest English words.

• Word of the Day: Learn vocabulary and impress your friends daily.

• Save your favorite words or SAT vocabulary list for easy reference. Perfect for SAT prep!

• Search words by location: See trending word search volumes near you!

• Spelling suggestions: Not sure how a word is spelled? Suggested Words helps you find what you’re looking for.

• Explore English words, fun grammar facts, language in the wild and other topics with hundreds of articles.

Increase your eloquence and become a language lover from your Android device with Dictionary.com.


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• Medical, Science and Rhyming Dictionaries

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