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Cpu Gauge is a real-time, cpu and battery usage monitoring application for Droid.

Whether you like the cool looking graphics or need cpu and battery monitoring for any purpose testing or daily use, Cpu Gauge will provide you an actual real time cpu
and battery monitoring ,also with multi core support you can monitor each cpu core's clock speed and active cores.


• Monitor your cpu usage, battery usage, battery temperature(C/F) as digit notification.
• Cpu Usage Notification (percentage)
• Battery Usage Notification (percentage)
• Battery Temperature Notification as Celcius/Fahrenheit

Theme & Design
• 2 different colour selection for cpu and battery gauge
• Blue and Green Theme

Widgets (PRO ONLY)
• Resizable widgets
• 3 different widget size(Small,Medium,Large) for each Cpu and Battery Gauge with selection of different sizes you can run multiple widgets easily and have battery and cpu gauge on the same screen.

Running in the background
• Notifications can be run in the background . you can also run single or multiple notifications.
• Auto start on boot option.

Cpu Monitoring
• Support for up to 24 cores
• Cpu Usage and Type
• Multi core support(each core's clockspeed )
• Check your active running cpu cores and their actual clockspeed
• Check your cores' max clockspeed

Battery Monitoring
• Battery Usage,Temp(C/F),Health,Voltage

Supported Devices
• Phones
• Tablets (7inch,10inch)
• All screen sizes are supported

• You can always contact our dev team , we will provide help required immediately

Test Team

Q.Why it did not work on my phone?
A.Although the application aims to be able to work on all android phones, some phones might not be able to show cpu usage

Q.Does Cpu Gauge supports multi core clockspeed monitoring?
A.Yes it does support up to 24 cores , it will show you each cores' current clockspeed
and maximum clockspeed and active cores



Download cracked APK of Cpu Gauge ( com.borgshell.cpugauge )


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