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Convert SMS from Windows Phone PRO: convert any MMS, SMS and group messages backups from Windows Phone as Android message backups, right into your Android Phone messaging storage.

Have you switched from Windows Phone and want your messages on your Android phone? Don't lose your important text or media messages! You can STILL transfer your MMS, SMS and even group messages from Windows Phone to Android easily.

Convert SMS from Windows Phone PRO is the old version of the Import SMS from Windows Phone PRO application. Due to Google's new restrictions on SMS permissions, this app didn't got approval to import messages anymore. Except import, ALL the features are still available!

It still supports SMS and MMS backup files from both 'contacts+message backup' and 'Transfer my Data' apps from Windows Phone.

The best solution available! Convert EACH exported backup file from Windows Phone as Android backup file! TRANSFER the Windows Phone backups into your Android phone and use this app.

1. Any MMS, SMS and group messages backup from Windows Phone will be converted as Android message backups, right into your Android Phone messaging storage.
2. Both MSG and PDU formats for MMS are supported.
3. Invalid MSG exported files by the Windows Phone are still validated automatically

The INTERNET permission is NOT asked, so your data won't be collected by this app.

1. Export SMS or MMS messages from Windows Phone with:
contacts+message backup app for devices WITHOUT a SD Card
contacts+message or Transfer my Data app for devices WITH a SD Card
2. Copy the exported files (VMSG, MSG or the ENTIRE FOLDER which contains PDU files and an .xml file) to your Android phone via USB, cloud etc.
3. Open Convert SMS from Windows Phone PRO.
4. Allow the permissions in order for the application to work.
5. Tap Convert messages; the app will search the files for you.
6.1 If there are more than 1 file, a list with all of them will appear; PDU files will appear with the name of the directory which contains them. Choose one of them by tapping on it and the file will be read
6.2 The only file found will be read.
7. You can choose to select from which numbers to convert or to convert all.
8. Wait until the conversion is complete.
9. The name of the converted backup file and it's location are displayed in a dialog
10. Use a Restore message app to import from the converted backup file made by this app
11. Go to your Android messaging app and you'll find your messages from Windows Phone.

*IF you've exported your MMS messages using Transfer my Data app, they will be exported as PDU files in a folder. Each MMS is a single PDU file. PLEASE COPY THAT ENTIRE FOLDER into your Android Phone in order to import your MMS messages!

If you are having any issues, before leaving a review, please contact me via 'Report a problem' menu section inside the app, or write me an email.
I respond very quickly and I will fix your problems right away!



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