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This is the contact editor (and only the editor) from the Android sources.
I fixed it to make it work with arbitrary contact sources (like CardDAV-Sync).
Also this version got some improvements. Write me for additional feature requests.

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Currently, it has the following enhancements (compared to the stock contact editor of Android 2.1):

* stateful editing: return to an unsaved contact with the new launcher
* option to set default account for new contacts
* copy/move contact between accounts
* merge data from another contact
* remove a contact from a specific account
* basic group management (still needs some work)
* more predefined labels for phone numbers and emails (for custom contact sources)
* labels for websites
* support for editing "Relation" (not for Exchange)
* support for Google's custom fields (Google Contacts only)
* extra confirmation step when deleting fields (to prevent accidental deletion of fields)
* additional fields in organization: department & role
* date picker for events (can handle phones that store dates as timestamps internally)
* set contact ring tone and "send directly to voice mail"
* field for "Internet Call" (Android 2.3+ only)
* allows to set behavior when back-button is pressed
* collapse editor sections for aggregated contacts
* option to disable phone number auto-formatting
* more to come (write me)

After installing this app you won't see any launcher icon in your app list. It will be started whenever you try to edit or create a contact (and you select "Contact Editor Pro").

This app will not edit or remove contacts from read-only sources like Facebook! This is due to the definition of read-only ;-).
Also, if you see a blank screen when editing contacts that are aggregated with a Facebook contact, try to remove and recreate your Facebook account. Facebook limits access from other apps which breaks the contacts API in a way. For further information see

Please keep in mind that your sync adapter may not be able to sync all fields that Contact Editor Pro offers.
Also, this app lets you edit some fields, that many contact apps do not even show (department, role, website labels). This is not a Contact Editor Pro bug.

Note regarding Events:
There is a big problem with events in this editor (better: with Android). The Android SDK documentation states about the database column for the date: 'The event start date as the user entered it.' Unfortunately does every manufacturer have it's own opinion about the format. Some are happy with 'yyyy-mm-dd', my phone uses unix timestamps.
So, before you can edit an event's date you will have to set the device's internal date format. Open the menu and select "settings". If your device doesn't recognize one format, try another one. Write me if no format works for you!

Btw: just writing a comment like "Doesn't work on..." won't help neither you nor me to get it running on your device. Please contact me if you have problems.

Please report bugs by sending me a mail stating what happened and what you did before it happened. Often the Market bug reports are not very helpful without additional informations.

known issues:

* taken contact photos appear twice in media gallery



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