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This app shows (live-capture) and tracks all current internet (ipv4 and ipv6) network connections on your phone/tablet - graphical. It reads the data from the same location as the famous netstat-tool (network statistics / network (internet) connection monitor), but optionally with tracking mode as small and efficient background-service with minimal CPU and power consumption. And: you can export all the data as CSV-File to Excel or LibreOffice.

With this Tool, you can monitor every app, if it connects to the internet: when, how often, to which servers... You can also check, if there are any listening network sockets (open ports/servers) on your device. Spyware, malware and all other ugly apps with heavy connection loading will be unmasked.

Fields available in live-capture network monitor and in the export-file:

* local-IP / hostname
* remote-IP / hostname
* resolved internet hostnames (if enabled)
* connection - state (explanation on click)
* time of connection create / change
* ipv4 / ipv6
* application name and icon


* enable/disable resolving hostnames
* enable/disable tracking
* sorting by time, connection-state or app-id
* EXPORT list as CSV file (pro-feature)

You can run this app as a background-service to track connections, and to quick view open connections at the notification area.

If you have ideas for improvements, feel free to send me an e-mail. This app is tested on various devices - if you found a bug nevertheless, please write too!




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Version 1.1
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