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BaZi (The Eight Characters of Birth Time)

 This App provides you an easy way to explore BaZi and assists you to better understand yourself, your lover, friends, family or even your boss.

 BaZi is a Chinese study of a person’s fate or destiny that has been around for more than a thousand year.

Those who do not understand BaZi are either confused about it, or claim that it is pure superstition. However, BaZi, similar to astrology, tells one about his or her personality, way of thinking, and most suitable occupations. However, BaZi also shows one’s destiny, current situation in life, and provides much more details about a person than Western astrology.

 To know a person’s EXTERNAL personality, check out the 10 Heavenly Stems.
 To know a person’s INTERNAL personality, check out the 12 Earthly Branches.
 To know a person’s GENERAL characteristics and qualities, check out the 10 Gods in BaZi.

Note:BaZi’s Earthly Branches and Zodiac Animals is different.

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