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This is the Pro Unlocker only. You need to download the Central for DayZ app.
It unlocks the following:
Loot and Building locations - Including:

Crash Sites - Car, Helicopter, and Trucks
Industrial - Construction Sites, Fuel Stations, and Garages
Landmarks - Castles, Churches, Dams, Lighthouses, Radio Towers, and Water Towers
Medical - Health Centers, and Hospitals
Military - ATC Towers, Barracks, Fire Stations, Guard Houses, Police Stations, Prisons, Tents, and Towers
Misc - Player Spawns, and Wolf Spawns
Rural - Barns, Boats, Deer Huts, and Deer Stands
Urban - Apartments, Civilian Barracks, Houses, Offices, Pubs, and Supermarkets
Vehicles - Buses, Cars, and Trucks
Water Sources - Pumps, and Ponds

Side-by-Side Compare - Compare items side-by-side and figure out which is the better take
Awesome thanks to DayZWiki & DayZDB for the content, the Community for helping out so much, and Dan Clarke for the DZC logos!

Please email [email protected] for help with any suggestions, bugs or issues. Thanks!

Feature graphic credit: amstoneberger (reddit)

Central for DayZ is an unofficial application. All maps, images, and sounds of items are obtained from publicly available sources, and are viewed freely within the app.

Copyright © 2017 Bohemia Interactive. All Rights Reserved. - http://www.bistudio.com/

DayZ created by Dean Hall © 2012-2017 - http://www.dayz.com/



Download cracked APK of Central for DayZ - Pro Unlocker ( org.skunkfu.dzcpro )


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