Car Wash: Sport Luxury Auto

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Test drive this sports car. But first you are going to have to car wash it before taking it onto the road.

Start by getting the car out from the garage, by touching the arrow on the screen. Touch the opposite side of the garage after swiping the arrow to make the sport car go backward, just don't hit the box.

Second, match the colored number with the same color circle on the screen by dragging the number to the matching color. That is the order in which the car is going to get clean and washed.

In the third section, drag the flashing item (scrubbing brush) from the soap bucket to the flashing spot on the car. You will see a little animation. Repeat the same step for the water bucket, car squeegee, cleaning rag and the waxing sponge.

Finally in the last section of the game you can see the car driving on the road! Also you can honk the car horn, turn the headlights On and Off, customize the tire rims and change the car colors.

Car Wash is a game for kids, but anyone can play it.



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