Camera for Pebble

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Pebble Camera take a PHOTO or VIDEO on your phone through your Pebble! With live preview on Pebble!!!

Available settings:
• Camera facing (Front or Back);
• Photo / Video resolution;
• Flash mode;
• Self-timer;
• Quality preview;
• Tap / Shake to take photo or start/stop take video.

Pebble Time support.

Live preview performance is highly dependent on the power of your phone. Good CPU/GPU -> good quality preview, fast preview. Transmission rate is ~ 9 frames per second on default quality!!!

To Xperia users:
"Turn off" the STAMINA mode,when you want to take picture with screen-off mode.
(Setting - Power management - STAMINA mode)



Download cracked APK of Camera for Pebble ( azshu.pebble.pblcamera )


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