Call Me! PRO

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Spoof, prank your friends or just have an excuse to get out of unwanted situations by easily scheduling a free fake call.

Paid features:
* No Ads
* Customize the language of the incoming call screen

Free features:
* Schedule a fake call at a specific time
* Shake the phone to generate a fake call instantly
* Specify caller name and phone number
* Select contact image
* Pick a contact from the phone contact list
* Select ringtone
* Select one of our built-in conversation sounds to be played after answering the call. great way to prank people!
* Play the conversation sound via the speaker
* Add vibration to the incoming call
* Delay between shake and call
* Vibrate or show a message when a call is scheduled due to a shake
* Control the sensitivity of the shake
* Log incoming call
* Rotate/flip contact image
* Customize calling screens to match your own phone
* Nudge - generate infinite calls until you answer
* Send feedback



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